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Gov. Jan Brewer

Endorsement by Governor Jan Brewer Regarding Sen. David Braswell
"Senator Braswell has been very supportive of my efforts to fight illegal immigration, address the stateís budget crisis and create jobs. I support his candidacy for the state Senate."

State Senator Dave Braswell responded by stating that, "I’m honored and humbled to have the support of our governor. She has demonstrated courage and resolute strength in her fight to protect Arizonans. I look forward to working with her again in my next term to continue tackling the tough challenges our state now faces."

Click here to view Governor Brewer's endorsement.

Rep. John Shadegg

U.S. Rep. John Shadegg Endorses Sen. Braswell Senate
Congressman Shadegg stated, "I am proud to endorse David Braswell for the State Senate. As Chairman of the District 6 Republican Committee, David worked tirelessly to strengthen our Party and elect Republican candidates."

Senator Braswell served as the Chairman of the District 6 Republican Committee before being unanimously appointed to the state Senate by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors back in February.

"David is a solid conservative who will continue to fight for common-sense conservative principles at the state legislature. Please join me in supporting Senator David Braswell," Shadegg continued.

Upon hearing the news of the endorsement, Senator Braswell said, "I am truly honored to have the support and endorsement of such a great conservative leader like Congressman Shadegg. His leadership will be greatly missed as he retires later this year from Congress. I have looked up to Congressman Shadegg through the years and he has served as an inspiration for those of us in public office."

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Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

The Dave Braswell for State Senate 2010 received official endorsement from the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona. Tim Hill, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona stated, "The Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona are proud to endorse Senator David Braswell for Arizona Legislative District 6. Senator Braswell understands the need for core government services like public safety, education and health care. He has demonstrated his ability to deal with difficult problems and arrive at the best solution possible. We need more people like Senator Braswell in the Arizona State Legislature."

In response, Senator Braswell stated, "I am honored to accept the endorsement from the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona. These dedicated men and women fire fighters throughout our district and state put their lives on the line to protect us and our property day in and day out and deserve our utmost respect and support."

Click here to view the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona endorsement letter.

Police Law Enforcement Association

Levi Bolton, Executive Director of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Agency, (PLEA) announced that they have enthusiastically endorsed State Senator Dave Braswell for election.  Dave Braswell responded, "I am honored to be endorsed by such a prestigious group of courageous men and women who have taken an oath to protect us 24/7. This endorsement comes at a time when I hear first hand from my Phoenix Police Detective son-in-law, Tyler Kipper, just how difficult it is for the men and women of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association to serve and protect during these difficult economic times. May God continue to bless our law enforcement officers."

Senator Linda Gray

The Dave Braswell for Senate 2010 campaign proudly accepted the endorsement from fellow Legislative District 10 State Senator Linda Gray. In providing her endorsement she stated, “Dave Braswell has been a dedicated, conservative Republican both fiscally and socially. He is someone who can analyze the issues and stand by his principles. He has earned my endorsement.”

"I have known Dave Braswell for 16 years and he is a man of integrity who listens, analizes the difficult issues, yet remains firm on his principles. I admire his family and their dedication to our community. Dave is a member of the Public Safety Committee I chair and has no conflict of interest on public safety bills with his clean driving record (as opposed to his opponent in the Primary election!)."

Superintendent SmithThe Dave Braswell for State Senate 2010 campaign announced that Dr. Jeffrey J. Smith, Superintendent Balsz School District, announced his endorsement of support for the election of Dave Braswell. Dr Smith stated, "I appreciate the intellectual integrity David Brings to the table when discussing complex issues facing the future of public education in our state. Dave is a true statesman who has a proven track record of working with others to get things done for all the people of Arizona. Davidís ability to look at both the short and long term benefits of legislative initiatives sets him apart from others who allow rigid ideology to trump common sense.” Dave Braswell responded, “Dr. Smith is a dedicated conservative and educator. I am honored to accept his endorsement. Iím ready to go to work and bring some much needed conservative values to the complex issues facing our education system in Arizona."

Arizona Cattlemen's AssociationThe David Braswell for State Senate 2010 campaign proudly announced that the Arizona Cattlemen's Association, umbrella organization for both the Arizona Cattle Feeders' and Arizona Cattle Growers' Associations, has endorsed the election of David Braswell for LD 6 State Senate. "I am proud to accept this endorsement from the men and women members of the Arizona Cattlemenís Association. These are the decedentís of the founding fathers and mothers that built our great state of Arizona and I am honored to have their endorsement."

Anthem Residents in Support of Senator Dave Braswell
"I've attended two gatherings for dialogue with David Braswell. He is not an ideologue, but thoughtful, open, a learner. I like that in a candidate." Robert C. Andringa, Ph.D. Managing Partner, The Andringa Group.

"This week was the first time I have met David Braswell. I appreciated his impromptu analysis of current Arizona issues and his honest feedback on how and why he supports or does not support an issue. He seems to have a well grounded and practical approach to government." Brian Woods

"Since being appointed as our State Senator on Feb. 8, 2010, David has reached out to all of us in order to represent the entire district.  As a successful businessman, not a career politician, he knows the importance of gathering all the facts and input before making a decision that can impact all of his constituents." Christine and Roger Willis

"Senator Dave Braswell represents a new generation of clear thinking political candidates and will be an effective leader in District 6 to represent my wife and I who live in Anthem." Don and Wilma Steinhauser

Arizona Association of Realtors The Dave Braswell for State Senate for 2010 campaign is proud to accept the endorsement from the Arizona Association of Realtors 225 E. Osborn Road, Phoenix, AZ 85012. Senator Braswell responded by saying, "The Arizona Association of Realtors is a worthy organization representing professional realtors throughout Arizona. I am proud to accept their endorsement."

District 6 Resident in Support of Senator Dave Braswell
"Our stateís future depends on the responsible conservatism of our representatives and that is why I support Dave Braswell for the State Senate." Dr. Roger S. Freeman, a registered republican and resident of District 6 for twenty years.

Senator Ed BunchThe Dave Braswell for State Senate 2010 campaign proudly accepts the endorsement from Legislative District 7 State Senator Ed Bunch. Senator Bunch stated that, "I had the pleasure of working with Dave Braswell during the last legislative session and found him to be a principled conservative who thinks analytically, delves into the issues, and uses sound reason to arrive at positive results. He is articulate and intelligent, and has been a positive addition to the Senate. I wholeheartedly endorse Sen. David Braswell and ask you to return him to the Senate representing District 6."

League of Arizona Cities and TownsLeague of Arizona Cities and Towns Honors Senator Brewer
The League of Arizona Cities and Towns, an organization that represents the interests of the state's 91 municipalities before the Legislature, acknowledges those legislators who went above and beyond to advocate for issues of importance to cities. Whether it was protecting revenue sharing or fighting to preserve local control, State Senator Dave Braswell was named as a friend and will be recognized as such at an awards banquet in August.

Councilman Bill GatesThe Dave Braswell for State Senate 2010 campaign proudly accepts the endorsement of Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates. Senator Braswell said, "Councilman Gates is a true conservative who has stood up time and again against tax increases. I am honored to accept Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates as a supporter."

Councilman Bill GatesThe Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife (AZSFW) announced its endorsement of Senator Dave Braswell. AZSFW is the leading advocacy organization representing the interests of Arizonaís sportsmen and itís wildlife with more than 6,000 members statewide."Growing up in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina has given me a deep appreciation for the outdoors, wildlife and wildlife management. I am honored to accept this endorsement from the sportsmen of our great state," said Senator Braswell. Click here to read their letter of endorsement.

Arizona Right to Life
The Arizona Right to Life PAC announced its endorsement for State Senator Dave Braswell. In response, Senator Braswell stated, ďThis is an endorsement that is personal and I am so very proud to accept it. The unborn has every right to life, just like you and me.Ē

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