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July 23 - The Arizona Republic Opinions Your Views section, “Klein’s mud-slinging is last straw”
Doreen Zannis writes she deserves “a representative who tells the truth and can back up their position(s) objectively.” Ms Zannis cannot find proof of many of candidate Klein’s mud-slinging statements and is not going to take it anymore. Read the news article.

July 21 - The Arizona Republic Recommends Senator Braswell in Our View Editorial
The Arizona Republic reports Braswell has "solid conservative credentials" but instead of reciting easy mantras, like his Republican opponent, he is "comfortable in the grays, where considering nuances leads to better decisions." Read the news article.

July 13 - Braswell: You Can Count on Mature and Principled Leadership
Senator Braswell asks for your vote in July 13 Arizona Republic article: "I'm humbly asking for your support to become your next state senator for Legislative District 6, not as a favor or without serious consideration, but because of my experience, track record on issues that matter to all of us, and because I am the best candidate for the times. " Read the news article.

July 9 - League of Arizona Cities and Towns Honors Senator Brewer
The League of Arizona Cities and Towns, an organization that represents the interests of the state's 91 municipalities before the Legislature, acknowledges those legislators who went above and beyond to advocate for issues of importance to cities. Whether it was protecting revenue sharing or fighting to preserve local control, State Senator Dave Braswell was named as a friend and will be recognized as such at an awards banquet in August.

July 1 - Anthem Resident Bob Golembe Appointed Campaign Co-Chair
The Dave Braswell for State Senate campaign is honored to introduce to all supporters the newly appointed co-chair of the Dave Braswell for State Senate 2010 campaign, Bob Golembe. Bob is known throughout Anthem as a strong community activist. His work on behalf of Anthem and its residents is unmatched as he fights with me to roll back shocking rate hike requests Arizona American Water to the Arizona Corporation Commission. I am proud that Bob has agreed to become a part of the team and I look forward to working with him as the campaign progresses.

Mr. Golembe's contact information is:
2816 W. Plum Hollow Dr., Anthem,
623-551-9771 (H),
623-512-1259 (C),
Email: anthemkid@cox.net

Desert PeaksJune 30 - Senator Braswell attends Desert Peaks Awards Reception, Maricopa Association of Governments
During a special ceremony, the Maricopa Association of Governments honored partnerships and individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting, recognizing, and attaining the ideals of regionalism.

Councilwoman Peggy Neely Ken Strobeck Mayor Elaine Scruggs
Phoenix Councilwoman Peggy Neely Executive Director, League of Arizona
Cities and Towns, Ken Strobeck
Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs

June 25 - Senator Braswell completes Arizona Republic Questionnaire.

The following links represent his answers:
On the Issues
On Long-Range Planning
On Personal Background

June 18 - Supporters of Sen. Dave Braswell welcomed Gov. Jan Brewer at a special reception at Moon Valley Country Club


U.S. Sen. John McCain and AZ Sen. Dave Braswell at Anthem Town Hall Meeting

June 5 - U.S. Senator John McCain Thanks Sen. Dave Braswell at Anthem Town Hall Meeting
Senator John McCain thanked both State Senator Dave Braswell and House Representative Amanda Reeve for making the tough decisions during the past legislative session on behalf of Legislative District 6 and Arizona. Senator McCain went on to say that Senator Braswell and Representative Reeve have very tough jobs balancing Arizona's state budget without the benefit of printing money, unlike what is being done by the Obama administration in Washington D.C.

June 3 - Arizona Cattlemen's Association Endorse Senator Braswell
Today the David Braswell for State Senate 2010 campaign proudly announces that the Arizona Cattlemen's Association, umbrella organization for both the Arizona Cattle Feeders' and Arizona Cattle Growers' Associations, has endorsed the election of David Braswell for LD 6 State Senate. “I am proud to accept this endorsement from the men and women members of the Arizona Cattlemen’s Association. These are the decedent’s of the founding fathers and mothers that built our great state of Arizona and I am honored to have their endorsement.”

May 26 - Superintendent of the Balsz School District Endorses Senator Braswell
The Dave Braswell campaign for State Senate LD 6 announced today that Dr. Jeffrey J. Smith, Superintendent Balsz School District, announced his endorsement of support for the election of Dave Braswell. Dr Smith stated, “ I appreciate the intellectual integrity David Brings to the table when discussing complex issues facing the future of public education in our state. Dave is a true statesman who has a proven track record of working with others to get things done for all the people of Arizona. David’s ability to look at both the short and long term benefits of legislative initiatives sets him apart from others who allow rigid ideology to trump common sense.” Dave Braswell responded, “Dr. Smith is a dedicated conservative and educator. I am honored to accept his endorsement. I’m ready to go to work and bring some much needed conservative values to the complex issues facing our education system in Arizona.”

Signing of SB 1070 on the Senate floor

May 25 - Senator Braswell Qualified for the Legislative District Six Senate Race
"The campaign turned in 863 signature while only required to submit 477 signatures to qualify for the ballot." said State Senator Dave Braswell. "I want to thank all the registered conservative voters of LD 6 for helping me achieve this milestone. I also want to thank the Daisy Mountain Fire Fighters and all the LD 6 precinct committeemen as well as my wife Rhonda for working so hard to gather the signatures."

April 2010 - Sen. Dave Braswell Cast a Yes vote on Senate Bill 1070 Safe Neighborhoods; Immigration; Law enforcement
State Senator Legislative District 6 Dave Braswell cast his YES vote on Senate Bill 1070. Braswell said, "The issue is not race, religion, or ethnic background; the issue is obeying the laws of the United States and now, with the passage of this legislation, it will be the law of Arizona.

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