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Sen. Braswell

Job Creation and Business Development

With an unemployment rate remaining stubbornly over 9%, Arizona must do more to create high paying jobs in those industries that will lead the state out of the greatest recession since World War II. Since we are in competition with other states – and even other countries – for the companies that will offer those jobs to Arizonans, it is our responsibility to develop the common sense incentives needed not only to keep existing employers in the state, but also to attract these new businesses to Arizona.

As your District 6 Senator, I support efforts to reduce the tax burden of companies and small businesses already operating in Arizona to encourage hiring as well as reasonable incentives for legitimately and reliably attracting job-producing corporations to our state. I oppose such measures that benefit only special interest groups or produce only temporary benefits for Arizona workers.

Sen. Braswell's with his wife Rhonda, three daughters and son-in-law.

Sanctity of Human Life

As a parent, I'm for life in every situation. Human life begins at conception and therefore the unborn child has a God given right to life just as every other individual. I consider the unborn child a "person," therefore, he or she should not be deprived of life.


Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The Second Amendment to the Constitution is very clear, the "right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed," this is a right of every "Individual" American citizen.

Border Security

Border Security and Illegal Immigration

As a people from many cultures around the world, immigration has played a vital and important role in weaving and renewing our social fabric both in Arizona and in the United States. Individuals who bypass the lawfully established process for becoming citizens show disrespect for those who do so legally, create unnecessary burdens on limited state government resources and pose a security risk to the public, and those who aid them in entering the country illegally are equally guilty.

As your District 6 Senator, I support efforts to compel the federal government to defend our borders and enforce existing immigration laws or reimburse the state of Arizona for the cost of doing so. I oppose granting amnesty to illegal immigrants and “sanctuary city” ordinances.



Every Arizona citizen must have access to affordable healthcare – but not at someone else’s expense. In all cases, medical decisions are best made by patients and their doctors without the intrusion of government bureaucrats, and the recent passage of the Reconciliation Act of 2010 by the United States Congress represents one of the most egregious infringements upon the rights of states and their citizens since the foundation of our country.

As your District 6 Senator, I supported recent legislation authorizing Governor Brewer to proceed with legal action against the federal government after Attorney General Terry Goddard declined to join well over a dozen other states challenging the constitutionality of this Act in the federal court system. I oppose any transition to a single-payer insurance plan under federal control as well as forced participation in a nationalized healthcare system.

Sen. Braswell served as Glendale Union High School District President

Public Education

The primary mission of every public school district and charter organization in the state of Arizona must be to ensure that each child realizes his or her full potential as a productive member of our society. As stakeholders in our schools, we must equip highly qualified educators with the resources and tools they need to create effective and innovative 21st Century learning environments.

As your District 6 Senator and a former school teacher, administrator and elected Governing Board member (nine years with Washington Elementary and Glendale Union High School Districts), I support efforts to require accountability from public school systems, data-driven merit pay for exceptional teachers, the free operation of charter.



The only legitimate roles of taxation are: (1) To support the operation of a lean and efficient government; and (2) to finance wartime threats to our existence – not to “spread the wealth around” or to engage in other social experiments that history has already taught us ALWAYS end badly. At all levels, governments must practice fiscal responsibility and allow the people to keep more of what they earn.

Proposition 100 was voted on by the Senate Republican majority before I took office. However I agree with my fellow Republicans who voted to send the issue to the ballot - increasing taxes should be approved by the voters and not the legislators.

I oppose any effort to unnecessarily increase taxation on Arizona’s struggling families.

U.S. Dollar

Balanced Budget

Governments at all levels have grown out of control and become too intrusive into the lives of the governed. The proper role of government is to provide only those basic functions that cannot be performed safely or fairly by individuals or private organizations.

As your District 6 Senator, I support all efforts to reduce the size of state government. I oppose both the encroachment of the federal government into areas not specifically delegated to it by the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the unfunded mandates that these “power grabs” are accompanied by.

Arizona State Capitol Building


Perhaps a dead giveaway that government spending at the state level is out of control is when the legislature thinks that it is actually a good idea to sell state buildings to raise enough money to maintain the status quo. Just as reality forces all of us to do so, it is time for our state government to live within its means.

I support balancing the budget every year by limiting spending authority to a five-year average of revenue and auditing each department within the state government to identify and correct wasteful spending, service redundancy and agency inefficiency on an annual basis. I support measures to ensure that spending in any budget year is equal to or less than revenue. I want to prohibit “smoke and mirrors” tactics, “gimmick accounting” and constitutionally prohibited debt.

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